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Babylon cocktail ring, Salome cocktail ring, Empire cocktail ring, Myth biker ring, Babylon bangle.

Ruby Jean wears Ancient Wonder headpiece, Epoque earrings, Double Life neckpiece, Fatale necklace, Epoque ring, Hollywood ring, Myth bracelet, Empire cocktail ring, Sahara ring, The Light knuckle ring and Ishtar bracelet.

Left: Ruby Jean wears Forbidden Path ear cuff, Myth bracelet, Ishtar bracelet, Libertine bracelet, Empire cocktail ring, Hollywood ring, Ishtar knuckle ring, The Light knuckle ring and Myth biker ring.
Right: Ishtar earrings, Salome necklace, Myth biker ring, Sahara ring, Salome ring and She Devil ring.

Ruby Jean wears Rose of Blood earrings, Theda Choker, Sahara necklace, Salome cocktail ring, Hollywood ring, The Vixen stacked ring and Theda ring.

Ruby Jean wears Ishtar earring, Sahara earring, Bara necklace, The Light bracelet, The Light knuckle ring, Salome cocktail ring, Hollywood ring and Ishtar knuckle ring.

Ruby Jeans wears Salome cocktail ring, Empire cocktail ring, Vamp necklace and Sahara earrings.

Ruby Jean wears Libertine bracelet, The Vixen stacked ring, Madame Mystery necklace, Rose of Blood earrings, Theda ring and Babylon cocktail ring.

Ruby Jean wears Babylon necklace, Forbidden Path necklace, Babylon ring, She Devil ring, Myth bracelet, Ishtar bracelet, The Light bracelet, Ishtar knuckle ring and Sahara earrings.


by Velinda Wardell with Ruby Jean Wilson


MANIAMANIA excavate fallen empires and lost film to explore ideas of transformation for their new range Babylon. Undertones of morbid exotica are derived from a a central muse, the stage actress and first sex symbol of the movies, Theda Bara. The regular girl from Cincinnati was nicknamed The Serpent of the Nile for her controversial appearances in more than 40 silent films. The creation and metamorphosis of her character shares a likeness to mythical phenomena such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, an arid city come luscious rainforest and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

In MANIAMANIA tradition bold statement pieces are seen with a new expansion of the delicate range. Theda's costumes for her iconic role in the 1917 film Cleopatra are transfigured into cocktail rings, headpieces and bracelets of art deco styling for the Ancient Wonder, Empire and Hollywood pieces. The Theda chocker and ring summon her strong, absurd and vampirish personality on and off the stage. Double layered finger rings are adorned with tiny crystals and joined with chains to suggest bondage undertones for the Epoque and Vixen styles. Deadly sized biker rings feature scarabs, a sacred icon of Theda's mythical origin, Egypt. The claws of lust that encase rectangular stones in the Babylon story are inspired by the scandalous book, Hollywood Babylon by the experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger. 

For Babylon Brass, Silver, Smokey and Clear Quartz are purposefully integrated. MANIAMANIA continue the enquiry into elemental forces with the introduction of Chlorite, a stone available in many shades and with the appearance of a ghost-like garden. Its vibrations are said to assist with creation and expansion. 

The essence of theatre and Theda's transformation into character are captured in an intimate campaign starring new model and striking reincarnation Ruby Jean Wilson. Moods of undress offer a behind the facade look at the real person between costume changes. Inspired by the lushness of Babylon and Theda's sets, Wilson acts with macabre companions such as skulls, live snakes and owls. Alongside stills shot by Darren McDonald MANIAMANIA continue to explore the medium of film and moving image technology through a collaboration with cinematographer Velinda Wardell. 

by Lisa Lerkenfeldt.


photographed by Darren McDonald with Ruby Jean Wilson

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